Looking At A House For Sale With An Old, Unmaintained Pool? What To Do

9 November 2018
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If you are interested in a property that has a pool, but you know that the pool hasn't been maintained properly for years, get it inspected. If the condition of the pool will determine if you want to purchase the property or not, then you want to know in advance if the pool can be maintained and saved, what amount of money has to go into it, and what other changes have to take place. Talk with the pool contractor about the following things in relation to fixing the pool and improving it.

Cost to Restore

The pool contractor will have to look at many details about the pool, from the structure to the condition of the liner and the condition of any pumps or mechanical parts. This way they can give you an estimate of what it will cost with labor and parts to get the pool functioning again and to restore it properly. You will determine if it's worth investing the money or if you could practically build a new pool for the cost.

Necessary and Optional Upgrades

You want to see what the necessary and optional upgrades are. You may have to replace the liner because it is ripped or damaged, but you may want to change out the pool so it runs with a saltwater system to reduce the need for chemicals. It may have to get a new cleaning pump, but you may want to have a heater installed so you can utilize the pool at more times. Take the time to find out what is necessary and what upgrades are worth having.

Reconstruction and Design

If you think that it may be easier to reconstruct the pool and possibly put in a fiberglass liner or another type of pool casing, ask the pool contractor about the possible shape options and the cost to do this. You may be better off making changes to have a pool that is more durable, that will last longer, and that will be easier to maintain.

If you are interested in purchasing a house but you want to know what the pool needs done so that it can be used, set up a time with the seller to have a pool company come to the property. The pool renovations company can go to the pool and evaluate everything that has to be done and then give you the choices and options that you will have so you know what costs and changes are required.