3 Signs You Need Pool Maintenance Services

8 February 2019
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Your pool is made up of several different complicated systems, all of which can become strained and function less effectively over time due to weather exposure and general use. Understanding the most common signs that your pool is overdue for maintenance or repair can help you identify problems quickly before they are allowed to grow more serious and expensive to fix. 

1. Pump Problems

One of the most common issues that can affect your swimming pool is damage to the pump, which moves water through the filter continuously to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy to swim in. A damaged pump will cause your pool to become dirty quickly. You will likely notice a significant change in color for more serious forms of damage as algae is allowed to grow, turning your water green and allowing dirt and other small particles to accumulate. You should be able to hear your pump activate at various times throughout the day and should also be able to see water moving through the skimmers on the sides of your pool. If this isn't the case, your pump may be damaged or broken and will need to be repaired or replaced. 

2. Filter Problems

Alternatively, if your pump is working as intended, but the quality of your pool's water is deteriorating, the issue likely lies with a clogged pool filter instead. Replacing the filter is an easy enough job, usually only requiring you to remove the cartridge and slide another in place. If you have a sand filter, however, you may want to get in touch with a pool maintenance professional to have it backwashed and inspected. 

3. Leaking 

Though not nearly as common as problems with your pump or filter, leaks are one of the most serious problems that your pool can experience. A leak can cause the water levels in your pool to drop. Beyond causing you to have to refill your pool regularly, which can increase your water bills each month, a leaking pool can cause a huge amount of landscaping damage as water is allowed to soak the surrounding soil. If your pool is too close to the side of your home, this can even result in interior water damage and flooding, which can be extremely expensive to repair. Contact a pool repair company like Clean Touch Pool Service as soon as you notice a crack in the side of your wall or any signs of your water level dropping rapidly.