Common Maintenance Mistakes Made By Backyard Pool Owners

25 July 2019
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Do you have a swimming pool in your home's backyard? If so, this means that you are responsible for maintaining the pool all year round. A pool is definitely not something you will want to fill with water and forget about, since the following maintenance mistakes can be made.

Not Testing And Treating The Water Regularly

You may not think you have to do anything to the water in your pool when it looks clear. However, water can quickly become green or cloudy if the chlorine, pH, or calcium levels are not correct. A sudden change in water quality will require you to correctly make adjustments so that the water can be balanced once again, which makes the water not safe to use until that happens. You could end up with several days of downtime during the peak of summer as you try to get things back to normal. 

You'll want to test the pool water on a daily basis and make chemical adjustments as necessary. The best time to test the water is at the end of the day after the pool has been used. If you need to make chemical adjustments so that the pool water is balanced, it should be done while others are not using the pool and it won't interrupt the fun. 

Frequent testing will help you make small adjustments and prevent a major problem from happening with your pool water. 

Allowing Too Much Water To Evaporate

It is normal for a pool to lose water due to evaporation throughout the summer, and sometimes that water will eventually be replaced when it rains. You do not want water levels to fall too much, though, since it can cause problems with other aspects of your pool. For instance, your pool will have a skimmer pump that is submerged in the water. If the pump isn't completely submerged in the water due to evaporation, that pump can burn out quite easily. 

Adding fresh water right before using the pool will also throw off that chemical balance of your pool. You should be adding fresh water before testing so that you can add more chemicals so that the water is safe to use. Doing this during the evening will help ensure that the pool is ready for use the next day. 

Not Preventing Algae Growth

There are several things you can do to prevent algae from growing in the pool. It will help to use a brush to remove algae on the pool's side surfaces as you see it. You can also cover the pool to block sunlight that helps algae grow. Maintaining your filters can also help prevent algae growth by taking that additional step of cleaning the water.

Contact a company that offers pool maintenance service in order to learn more.